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Why am I here? Why do I work out the way I do? These are questions I ask myself a lot when coming to class at CFLA. Ultimately the answer is that I’m here to become the healthiest and best version of myself possible. That is my goal, and the programming and the contextual coaching at CFLA provide me with an opportunity to work toward that goal. Here I learn to master myself physically, mentally, and emotionally, and this mastery in the gym applies to the other parts of my life. CFLA is a training ground for life. That’s what makes this place so unique and special. 

I become the best version of myself by controlling my ego, learning and improving skills and techniques, and exercising at a sustainable level and intensity on Practice Days. I become the best version of myself by stepping up, going big, and taking chances on Competition Days. I become the best version of myself by looking within myself to find a way to finish on Mental Toughness Days. If I believe the philosophy here at CFLA – and I do – then I know that the habits I develop here translate to life outside the walls of the gym. 

It’s great to sit back for a moment and recognize why I truly am here, but all too often I become consumed by trying to have the best numbers in our gym. There’s nothing inherently wrong with that. My numbers on the whiteboard are a great tool to help me reach my goal, but I don’t want to let the chase of the best numbers become my main goal. If all I think about is achieving the best result in a workout (the fastest time, the heaviest weight, the most rounds, etc), I become shortsighted and lose focus on why I’m here. This is a real struggle for me.

So what do I do when the numbers become the goal, rather than being a tool to help me toward my goal? I ask the coach to write a smiley face instead of my workout result on the whiteboard. Now, I don’t use the smiley because I modify a workout, or because something “goes wrong” in a workout, or because “I’m just not feeling it today,” or because I’m embarrassed of my result (These are all things that do happen to me).  I use the smiley to help shift my focus off the result and back onto the process. The smiley helps me truly practice on Practice Days, when I don’t have the discipline to do that. I might even find a smiley to be effective for me on Competition or Mental Toughness Days.

I know we all have different goals, and we are all at different places, but the smiley can help you stay focused on the big picture for YOUR goals. This is why you see the coaches handing out free smileys on the whiteboard. So next time you get sidetracked, whether it’s on a Practice, Competition, or Mental Toughness Day, just ask the coach to write a smiley on the board for you.

What does a smiley on the board mean to you? How would you use this in class? Let me know in our new and improved comments section!


Thursday’s Workout

A) 2 Rounds for quality
800m Run
800m Row

B) 4 Rounds for quality
20 Butterfly Abmat situps

C) EMOM 10
1 Power snatch (85-90%)

And Coming Friday

A) 3 Rounds for quality
200m Run
10 Sandbag front squats

B) HSPU skill practice

C) 5 Rounds for quality on the 3:00
Max Effort Bench press (BW / ⅔ BW)
**30 Sec cap each round**



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