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It’s probably unlikely, but in case you missed Andy’s blog last week I bought Crossfit Los Angeles.  Since Andy is such a significant OG in the CrossFit world K-Star sat down with me and asked a few questions on this video  about purchasing this iconic business from this iconic dude.

For me the path of buying the business came down to answering one fundamental question – Why buy CFLA? For the last two years I’ve been talking with colleagues, gym owners, business consultants, and friends to better understand the market, my situation and to find out if I should or shouldn’t buy and Why? Interestingly, during these conversations I heard many sensible reasons why not to buy a CrossFit gym.  Here’s a snapshot:

1.  Too Risky: The market has changed dramatically over the last three years. Although the number of people CrossFitting continues to grow, many big, well established gyms across the country are struggling.  One owner told me flat out: “Do you really want to take that risk? It’s a scary time to buy and I wouldn’t do it if I were you.”

2. Too Pricey: Noting the current changes in the market one business advisor grilled me: “Why buy a CrossFit gym with your life savings when you could open up your own shop at a fraction of the cost with a better return immediately?”

3. Much going on personally: It’s been a full year to say the least.  Some things I’m stoked about – getting married, Char’s surprise pregnancy, and planning our son’s birth in Sweden. Other things I’m not so stoked about – handling gnarly immigration bureaucracy,  custody/visitation dilemma over my daughter, and both Char’s and my father’s lives are currently threatened by liver cancer and diabetes respectively.  Good or bad it feels like a lot. It has been suggested to me that buying the gym right now might be the most idiotic thing I could do.

The problem with with # 1  “Too Risky” – is that it doesn’t take into consideration the quality of people we attract: brilliant, talented, hard working,  helpful, fun loving, and naturally team oriented people. We tend to define community every time we come together for a class, talk in group outside, show up for The Open, participate at the Chili cook off, or do a triathlon together.  So, one of the reasons I’m buying CFLA is the community we have. To me it’s more of a risk to pass on this golden group of most excellent humans.

The problem I have with #2 “Too Pricey” – true I could have opened my own place but why? That would have tore up the community and this truly special staff of coaches. And every time we have a CDP (Coaches Development Program) meeting I’m increasingly assured that this team of people is in on a conversation that will change the world. I’m investing in a talented group of coaches that passionately care about their profession. I’d bet the house on them every time. Period. And you can take that to the bank. Andy did.

Finally #3 . I’m just having a Mental Toughness year. The CFLA staff and community are the very people helping Char and I get through all of this.  I’m just blessed to be around so many people that love, care, listen and laugh.

Finally, I’m buying CFLA to change the world. I believe that the conversation about Mastery (see podcast) and why we coach the way we do at CFLA is the future of not just CrossFit but fitness in general. I’m buying CFLA because I believe in physical, mental and emotional Mastery. And we are a School of Mastery.

**I talk extensively about our Programming model in the Barbell Shrugged Podcast (video). It’s over an it’s a must see/hear for CFLA students as it describes Mastery, context and construction of the algorithm.** Feedback is welcome and helpful.

Monday’s Workout

A) For quality load, working up across sets
Back squats

B) 1min max reps
Burpees to target

800m Run
2min Rest
40 Air squats
1min Rest
20 Pushups

Coming Tuesday


“Mile Minus Your Clean”

0:00 – 15:00
1RM Clean

15:00 – 25:00

1mi Run

–Score is mile time in seconds minus clean weight.–






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