So, do you have “ideas?”

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There are many great aspects of running this blog. Maybe the best thing is I get to communicate with many people from around the world who are passionate about CrossFit and their business. If I can impart any insight into what we’ve done here at CrossFit LA that aids in running a smoother, more profitable business with better trained clients then I am happy.

One of the down sides of running this blog is every so often I get a question where the person asking me is looking for the “secret idea.” You know that secret idea don’t you? It’s that “one” mysterious idea that will instantly make you more money and make your life easier that you somehow haven’t yet found.

I hate to be the bearer of bad news but there is no ONE idea that will do it for your business. And if you spend a lot of your time jumping from one “sure fire” idea to the next you’ll be spending a lot of time and money on wasted efforts. You may have seen this in people you know at another box. They grab onto a new concept and immediately throw away everything they did previously. Six months down the road they find out they haven’t improved and they aren’t sure why.

Here’s the only “secret” I’m willing to call a secret. The ideas you currently have, for the most part, are already AMAZING you just have to work them. That said, the only ideas I have ever found to work are the ones that ARE being worked. There are many people who are very unsuccessful in their life with great ideas that they have done nothing with. Give me a choice of who I think will succeed faster between a guy with several half baked ideas that they work to their fullest or the guy with amazing ideas that never see the light of day… I’ll take the half baked guy every time.

This video is THE SECRET-ish.



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