Holiday Party!

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We haven’t had a purely social event at CFLA since our grand opening, 4 years ago… so Friday night was a long time coming! Those of you that couldn’t make it, you missed a great time. As with any white elephant gift exchange, there were great gifts, and there were those that will make great white elephant gifts next year. Some of the highlights… a kettlebell tree ornament, a CrossFit home starter kit (pukie bucket, mini white board, stopwatch and jumprope), the Clapper, a talking jumprope, and a Christmas platter that I’m sure Michael will cherish for years to come! Many thanks to Z for the fantastic catered fried chicken from Popeyes… I haven’t had chicken that good in many years! To see photos from the night, click here to get to our Flickr page.

Denise & Tana – sisters? Maybe from another lifetime…

Today’s Workout
Complete as many rounds as possible in 20 minutes of:
15 burpees
10 Pull-ups
5 Handstand push ups

Day 74
Burpees done to date: 2,775
Burpees remaining: 2,275



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