Soda, soda, everywhere…

Soda, soda, everywhere…

Today’s Workout
For time:
100 mountain climbers (2 count)
90 jumping lunges
80 KB swings (24 kg/16 kg)
70 unanchored sit ups
60 20″ box jumps
50 pull ups
40 DB split jerk (40/25)
30 burpees
20 DB squat clean (40/25)
10 TGU (40/25)There has been some talk lately about applying a soda tax to sugary beverages as a way to help support the nation’s healthcare overhaul as well as a way to address childhood obesity. What do you think about this? We do it with cigarettes. Is this an appropriate way to deal with a clear problem as it relates to the health of our children and our nation? Should the government use taxes as a way to urge you to make choices that you may not be disciplined enough to make on your own? Should a tax like this apply to all sugary beverages, fruit juice included? Think about both sides and post thoughts to comments.

Odie staking his claim



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