Something From Nothing

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Today’s Workout

5 rounds for time
21 KB swings (32/20)
15 Wall ball (20/14)
9 Ring dips/dipsHave you ever set out to create something brand new for yourself? A project, a goal, a challenge, a job? I mean really create it, exactly the way it would excite you — without referring to what you think you’d be fixing about yourself, what you think can’t possibly work because you’re you, or how things went in the past limiting your vision of what the end product or the experience could look like?

I’m talking about taking the opportunity to dare to dream. What would something look like if it looked exactly how you wanted it to? Are you willing to say “that is how it is going to be!” and then work yourself out to do what it takes to get there? Would you dare? If you really take a look at what stops you it’s your past. Before you had a past you never worried about failing. Try this — “If my life could look like anything, I would…” Now, can it look like that? If you’re answer is no, notice that it’s not about anything real, but about what you think is doable based on what you have done up to now.

It takes something, no doubt. It takes commitment and determination. It takes courage and time. It takes asking for help and it takes little steps. It takes constantly contending with that little voice that said, “I warned you…,” and the opinions of the people around you. But what do you want? A life created by the opinions of others? Or a life of sheer exhilaration and excitement?

What would it be if it could be anything?

Some CFLAers seriously getting after it!



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