Southwest Regionals:  May 8-9

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Today’s Workout

Overhead Squat 3-2-2-1-1-1
Run 1,600 meters
Rest 3 minutes
Run 1,600 metersI can’t wait for next weekend! The competition at UC Irvine is going to be one of the largest and most competitive CrossFit events EVER! 550 athletes. 70 Affiliate teams. Battle Royale! It’s got the word “epic” written all over it. I hope a lot of you are planning on joining us – and if you’re not, they will be streamed in a live webcast on the Games 2010 site.

We’ve decided, collectively, on our 6-athlete team to represent CFLA: Louie, Kenny, Michael, Becca, Leslie, and Tanya. Congrats all! Oh, and by the way, all the athletes we were considering for the team (Zach, Andy, Jennifer, Cheri, Naz, and Shirley) are all still part of the team – if we do qualify for the Games, it’s a whole new ballgame – we can re-pick our team of 6, ensuring we take the best athletes at the time of the Games!

One last thought. Ordinarily, I would be excited because I’d be going to compete, but this year, I’ve decided to play a different role – that of coach. I was afforded that opportunity because of the depth and strength of the other men on our team – Michael, Zach, Kenny & Louie. These guys are all amazing athletes, all fully capable of representing CFLA in competition! I’m honored to have been training along side of them for a spot on our team… and am looking forward to seeing them in action next weekend.

Jeff… really? Does the face help you get your chin over the bar?



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