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Today’s Workout

2 rounds of:
2 min Max Double Unders
30 second rest
2 min Max Jumping Lunges
30 second rest
2 min Max Box Jumps (24/20)
30 second rest
– 3 individual scores – total reps of each movementEvery once in a blue moon, an athletic event comes along that is so perfect and so local, that it’s a no brainer for US, CFLA show in full force. This combination (both on target & local) hasn’t happened in Santa Monica for as long as I’ve been here… so now that it has, I think you/we ALL should take advantage of it.

What am I talking about? The Spartan Race. First of all, it’s in Malibu – so for all of you people that don’t want to go anywhere, it’s essentially right here! Plus it’s a 5k (so in terms of time domains, it’s right in our sweet spot – not too long and not too short), and it’s in hilly terrain with lots of obstacles (great training for unknown and unknowable). Plus, it looks like a LOT of fun… which is why I already signed up. Hope you all join me!!

3 things when you register:
1. For your Team/Company name, enter: CrossFit LA
2. Use the coupon code ‘crossfitla’ (all one word) and you’ll get a $10 discount.
3. Sign up for the 12 noon CrossFit heat (this heat WILL sell out soon… so get registered now)

Great day for a leisurely run!



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