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I was really enjoying myself at the Grand Opening party this past weekend, and it was not until Andy called each one of the staff up to thank us, and a few students in the audience called out “Speech!” that I felt the emotions hit me. I realized in an instant, I could NOT speak, or I would break down and cry. It was as if the significance and progress of the last four and a half years suddenly hit me at once. Not just what has happened inside the gym, but what it has caused to happen inside of me.

I never imagined when I stepped foot inside Andy’s gym for the first time that it would BECOME my life. This is not the life I planned. This is not the life I was working toward. I could never have “planned” to be this happy.

When we stepped off the risers, I fell apart and started crying for real. Coach Glassman gave me a big hug. I managed to get out the words, “I never thought this would happen. This has changed my whole life.” He hugged me again and said, “Sweetie, that’s every one of us. Do you get that?”

And I do. I really do.


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