Spring Break Programming

Once we wrap up Retest Week, we’ll start our two weeks of Spring Break Programming. This is a time to step away from our main training cycles. To make things fun and different, we are giving each week of Spring Break its own theme.

The first week, “Weighted Tool Week,” will showcase the variety of ways that weighted objects can be used. You’ll use a different tool each day: a kettlebell on Monday, dumbbells on Tuesday, a medicine ball on Wednesday, a weight plate on Thursday, and a barbell on Friday.

The second week, “Puzzle Week,”¬†will challenge you both physically and mentally. The workout on each day will include a mental challenge or problem to solve. There will be some word puzzles, math puzzles, and picture puzzles.

Keep an eye on the programming page. We’ll be publishing the workouts there later this week!

Thursday’s Workout

300m Run
50 Double unders
12 Deadlifts (225/155)

And Coming Friday

0:00 – 15:00
Max Effort Handstand walk


18:00 – 37:00
Tabata These (8 x 20:10):
Sit to stands
–1min Rest between each element–


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