Spring Break Is Here

Cycle 7.0 is coming to a close as we finish Retest Week this week. So what happens next? We will complete three full 14-week cycles this year. They are spaced out throughout the year, and there is some time in between each cycle. Cycle 8.0 does not begin until May 4, so we will have 2 weeks of “Spring Break” programming between the end of Cycle 7.0 and then.

This will be a fun couple of weeks with a variety of workouts. You’ll have the opportunity to test 1RMs, establish max efforts, and PR in other areas.  There will also be a day when you can try to make it on the Leaderboard for certain events. We are even doing the famous CFLA Baseline!

Have a good time these next few weeks, then get yourself ready to go in the Cycle 8.0 Test Week!

Thursday’s Workout

For reps
1min Power cleans (135/95)
1min Jerks (135/95)
2min Power cleans
2min Jerks
3min Power cleans
3min Jerks
**Inspired by CrossFit.com**

And Coming Friday

4 Rounds for total time
60 Double unders
20 Alt. pistols
10 Bar muscleups
**2min Rest between rounds**


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