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Have you ever thought about how many times during the day you sit down and stand up? Sitting and standing is one of the most functional movements we do in life. It also happens to be a highly functional movement in athletics and sport – its called a SQUAT.

The problem for most people is that instead of spending time each day running around and playing as kids do, hunting and gathering as our recent ancestors, or doing full range of motion squats in their workouts, they sit in chairs, losing leg strength and function. Without even knowing it, every time they stand up they begin to assist themselves with their hands and arms; and sitting down starts to look more like a controlled fall. After 20-40 years of this, sitting down on the toilet is quite the adventure.

For full body function, leg strength, trunk strength, and hip and knee joint health NOTHING beats the squat. Click here for a link to a recent article about the importance of squats to NFL coaches.

Try this: Every morning when you get up, add 30 “ass to grass” squats to your morning ritual. It might not add years to your life, but it will definitely add life to your years!



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