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Tuesday’s Workout: COMPETITION (cap)
Part A (clock starts)
4 rounds for time:
400M run
25 TTB
*at 20 min all athletes must stop.

End of Part A to 25 minute mark, rest

Part B (from 25-40 mins)
Find 1RM Clean and Jerk

And coming Wednesday: TRAINING (no cap)
A) Power Clean
EMOM 7: 1 per min.
B) EMOM 15 – for Strict Pull up reps. Rotate through the following movements on the minute:
Min 1. Max effort strict pullups
Min 2. 5 Power Cleans @ 57.5% of heaviest EMOM weight
Min 3. 10 Front Squats @ same weight You’ve all heard me and the coaches talk about full Range of Motion in your movements. Well nowhere is it more center stage that in the CrossFit Games… especially when you post a score that is #1 in the World for one of the Open WODs. Josh Golden posted a score of 387 for 13.2. And then a video of him doing the workout surfaced on YouTube. He was disqualified by CrossFit HQ, and his affiliate was sanctioned by making anyone at the affiliate ineligible to judge any more workouts during the Open.

Even if his reps weren’t quite to standard (many are obviously not), his score is truly a feat. Simply amazing. But… this isn’t simply a test of athletic featism. If it were, then anything goes. No, this is a game, with rules… and just like in any sporting event NBA, NFL, MMA, etc. there are rules and standards that need to be met to ensure as much equality as possible in the competition. That’s just the way it is. And as much as I would like to see this guy go to Regionals to compete as an individual, based on that workout, it wouldn’t be right in the game of the CrossFit Games Open.

Are there problems with the system? Of course. Can you run a worldwide fitness competition on the internet without controversy and issues? Probably not. But in this case, I think CrossFit made the right call. What do you think?

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