Standing Still

Today’s Skill
Burpees & Walking Lunges

Today’s Workout
As many rounds as possible, in 10 minutes:
5 Burpees
10 Sit Ups
15 Walking Lunges
20 Single Jumps, with Jump Rope

Today’s Game
Duck, Duck, GooseCrossFit LA Kids isn’t just about moving fast and lifting heavy…sometimes it is about standing very still. Sports, dance, martial arts, and even basic life skills like successfully navigating LA sidewalks, all take balance. Balance is not something that just happens, it is something that needs to be practiced, especially if you are young and growing and your limbs are constantly changing length! As coaches, we like to throw in yoga moves periodically, to emphasize the importance of both balance and flexibility.

Kelsey, Mina and Cameron practice tree pose under Shirley’s direction.



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