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Do you ever feel like you are omniscient, always right, perfect, or have all the answers? If you do, then I want some of your mojo, but if you’re anything like me, you most certainly don’t. Maybe that is why I’ve surrounded myself with a community of people that contribute – so that when I do make mistakes, say things the wrong way, or head down the wrong path, I’ve got people in my life that will whap me upside the head and kick me a few times to help me get back on the right track. I can’t begin to express my gratitude toward these people – the “thugs” in my life that deliver, on occasion, crushing blows. Though sometimes painful, when I’m listening and willing to “get off it,” I’d much prefer the pain of their truths to the suffering I would experience further down the road.

All smiles AFTER a workout!

Today’s Workout

Push Jerk -5-5-5-5
max sit-ups in 1 minute
rest 1 min
max wall ball in 1 minute
rest 1 min
max pull ups in 1 minute



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