Staying Young

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Today’s Workout
Thrusters 1-1-1-1

As Many Rounds as Possible in 10 minutes
30 Single Unders
20” L-Sit
10 DB Shoulder Press (40/25)When it comes to nutrition one of the things that I’ve always told myself is, “don’t worry, if you fall off the wagon, you will always have the chance to…” followed by “get in shape again,” “lose the weight,” or some variation of whatever is important to me. What if it turned out that it wasn’t simply a matter of weight or performance or even the way that you feel? Nutrition experts say that food choices are actually responsible for speeding up getting older. That it’s not simply a matter of your biological age that results in how “old” you get, but what you put in your body. This article outlines some of the common food habits (thanks Colleen!) that lead you to experience the effects of aging earlier than you may want. The article outlines 4, but don’t miss the “Extra” to the right – eating at your desk or in your car (read:stressed). I often don’t slow down, just cramming in my lunch in front of my computer. Thanks to Cheri I now have a beautiful patio in front of the gym where I can enjoy my lunch leisurely, staying young as long as possible. Thanks Cheri!

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