Stop Thinking!


A) Push-up skill
shoulder warmup drill
torque position
B) 5 rounds for reps 2:1
200 m run
max HR pushups in time remaining
A) Hang Sq. Snatch
EMOM 7: 2 per min, no drop


A) Deadlift
20 min to find heavy single
B) EMOM 10 – for reps and load, alt movements:
Min 1: max single set strict pullups
Min 2: 3 H. Sq. Cl.You do it too much!

Use it when it’s useful, but notice when you use thinking as an excuse for not acting. Probably more often than you know.

It’s a unique and fabulous tool. We are taught from when we are young how to use it. We are never really taught NOT to use it.

Look ahead at what’s coming, foresee when thinking is going to get in the way, and be prepared to shut it down, in spite of what THINKING tells you.

If you can stop thinking right now, what can you do?

The Thinker

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