Strength, Coordination, Balance, Agility

Strength, Coordination, Balance, Agility

Turkish get-ups require all of the above, plus the gonads to be willing to hold a bar in one hand over your head as you try to stand up with it! We had a bunch of people break personal records yesterday – many did over 95 pounds and used a full bar like Dave demonstrates in the photo below. Dave was the top dog – getting up with 150 pounds on the bar! Way to go, Dave!


Today’s Workout

“Fight Gone Heavy”

Spend one minute on each movement, completing as many reps as possible during that minute. At the end of all five movements, take 1 minute rest. Repeat two additional times for a total of 3 rounds.
Wall Ball
Sumo Deadlift High Pull
Box Jump
Push Press

* Today’s challenge, up the weight that you normally use. At the top end, Class “A+” – Men – 95# push press, sdlhp, and 23″ box jumps; Women – 75# push press, sdlhp, 23″ box jumps



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