Stretch It Out

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Today’s Skill
Introduction to the Pull Up

Today’s Workout
5 rounds, for time:
25m Bear Crawl
5 Pull Ups
25m Bear Crawl
15 Sit Ups

Today’s Game
Clean the YardCan you touch your toes? Could you touch your toes when you were a little kid? Most of us were more flexible when we were little. Over time, we got tighter and did not dedicate time to stretching and staying limber. One of the skills that CrossFit Kids LA spends time on is flexibility. Good flexibility is good for your health! Injury is less likely and better performance is possible when you are able to move smoothly in the full range of motion. For those of you at home – if you are watching television, do some stretches! If you are going to sit there, might as well do something good for you while you are at it.

The kids in the Champs program stretch before the workout.



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