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So, what is that little number in the bottom left hand corner of the rower monitor? That number is your stroke rate. Okay…so what’s the stroke rate? Simply put, the stroke rate is how many times you go back and forth on the rower in a minute. People who are new to rowing sometimes equate a higher stroke rate with higher speed, but in reality, stroke rate and speed can vary entirely independently of each other. Stroke rates are more like cadence in running or biking, or like gears on a bike. If I wanted to row at a 2:00 split time (how long it takes me to go 500m), I could do it at 20spm or 30spm (strokes per minute). The power PER stroke is going to be much higher at 20spm than it is at 30spm, however, to achieve that same speed. The cardiovascular impact is going to be higher at 30spm. So, stroke rate can be used strategically. Do I want to give my legs as little rest? Then I’ll row at a higher stroke rate. Is it more important I catch my breath? Then I’ll lower my stroke rate and increase my power per stroke.

If you row for warm up, experiment with the stroke rate — try to row a steady stroke rate and a steady speed at the same time. Then try to maintain that speed and vary your stroke rate up and down. When you can control your stroke rate, you will be more powerful and effective overall on the rower.


Today’s Workout

Push Press 1-1-1-1

– rest –

10 rounds for max reps of:
1 min Double Unders
30” rest



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