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“Med Ball Mania”

5 rounds for time:
20 Wall Ball (20/14)
20 Russian Twist (1-ct)
10 MB Sit to Stand (no anchor)
200 m run with ball

**MUST hold and control MB for the entire 5 rounds of the workout. 5 inverted burpee penalty anytime ball leaves hands except during WB & Slam (yes this includes loss of control on the WB as well)
-20 minute time cap


A) Run
8×100 m for form and turnover relay style
B) 3 rds for quality Fr. Sq, Thruster, DU:
:30 5 FS @ 75% (or 63% of BS)
:30 rest
:30 Max DB Thruster @ 50-55% (of 1RM BB thruster)
:30 rest
:30 Max DU
:90 rest
C) 2 rds core work:
:60 max wt. arms extended plate sit ups (25/10)
:60 max russian twists with plate
Hi Guys,

I’m hijacking the blog while Andy’s on vacation … DON’T TELL HIM. I’m hacking in to tell you about our burgeoning Women’s Program at CFLA. That’s right, a Women’s Program – a space for our female athletes to express their full potential. On Tuesday and Thursdays at 9am during the all-women classes, we’ve created an environment where we’re able to loosen our grip on past fears: the fear of heavy lifting, the fear of strength, the fear of meatheads in the free-weight room, and most importantly, we are shedding the fear of our own power and potential.

The women who are coming regularly to these classes are doing world-changing things. They are changing their own world and how they view themselves in it. We have stay-at-home moms, we have doctors, lawyers, teachers, and professional women of all kinds. We have straight-out beginners who haven’t moved their bodies in almost a decade. We have veteran CrossFitters who simply enjoy the camaraderie and bond we’ve created in class. I am there to just remind all of them that women have been strong since forever.

Starting September 4th, we are adding a Wednesday class at 9am to our Women’s Program at CFLA.

Can’t wait to see you there,
Danette Diz Rivera

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