Success – A Series of Strung Together Failures

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I don’t ever want to fail … so much so that I really don’t actually “like” testing myself. Because if I test myself… really give it my all… and fail… well, I failed… and I’ll do anything to avoid that! But what if success is only accessible through failure… and avoiding failure is really only a recipe for one thing – more failure?
That PR workout yesterday? It was the last thing I wanted to do. So much so that I told myself before every the start of each of the three elements (back squat 1RM, sit ups in 2 minutes, and 800m run) that I really wan’t going to “go for it”. I wasn’t going to PR. That I wasn’t up for it, and it didn’t matter. That today was just a “show up day”. Now that I’m thinking about it after the fact, that mindset allowed me to be successful… and not fail. After all, how can I fail if I wasn’t really even trying to succeed?
And while that mindset is valuable in some ways (it allows me to always feel good about the effort I put in – especially when it’s everything I’ve got to just show up), it doesn’t allow me the opportunity of giving it my all… and failing. What? The opportunity? Yup… because if I never really give it my all, how do I ever know what I’ve really got?
What if success is merely a strung together lot of failures… of attempts… of “at bats”? And the requirement for failure is to have given it your all that day. What if the context for success shifted.. and instead of looking for successes, I started looking for failures… knowing that with enough failures, success would be lurking around the corner? What if the outside wrapping paper and bow on my birthday gifts all looked like failure… and I could only get to the success waiting on the inside by having the courage to receive the gifts and accept the failure as part of the whole?
Hmmm… something to think about on a rainy Wednesday.

Wednesday’s Workout

Fun Week

A) Kipping pullup or muscle up skill practice

Crawl anyway: windows to whiteboard
8 toes to Bar or V-ups
Crawl anyway back
8 squat jumps

C) Find 1RM Turkish Get Up (15-20min)

And Coming Thursday


5 Rounds for time
 – with a partner
200m Sandbag front carry- 1 person carrying, walk/run with partner
40 Russian plate twists
30 KBS (24/16)
20 Plate burpees-same plate



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