Success… Do You Want It As Much As You Want To Breathe?

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I wrote a post for the Whole Life Challenge on Monday… it was about holding the line… staying strong when every part of you would rather give up. You know, the way it feels part of the way through one of our mental toughness workouts, when you are proud of yourself for making it as far and as fast as you did, but know you could do more, and know that even if you don’t finish, you’re still good with it. 

Here’s the thing… your mind will do everything in it’s power to preserve your peace, and to get you to go back to your little “island of comfort”. It will pull out all the tricks in the book to get you to cave-in, enticing you with images of comfort, relaxation, rest, water, air, food… it will provide you with excuse after excuse – tell you you’re tired, you didn’t get enough sleep last night, it’s been hours since you ate, it’s been minutes since you ate, you have other things going on that are more important… it will tell you anything it needs to to get you to quit.

The only bummer of that is… the magic. The magic only happens in this zone… the zone where you want to give up, are convincing yourself to give up, but somehow you don’t give up. One thing that we have here at the gym… is a chance to practice that, each and every time we show up for our workouts. Putting everything we have into our training – not necessarily everything we have physically, rather everything we have physically, mentally, emotionally – giving that time to ourselves as a gift, to really be present, focused and in the moment. 

But really, why take my word for it. Check this very short video out… it’s sure to pump you up for a Wednesday!


Wednesday’s Workout

“Franklin Hill”
6 on the 6:00

And Coming Thursday

A) HSPU skill practice

B) For time
150 DU
90sec Rest
30 Sandbag front squats
90sec Rest
150 DU

C) 4 Rounds for quality on the 2:00
20sec Bench press (BW / ⅔ BW)



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