Swapping the Bikini For Now; I Am a Try-Athlete

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Tonight I started Speed Team. Cool, right? Really cool considering Day 1 was so fun and well-run. (Thanks Coach Jamie and Coach Char.) But if you knew my history with running — or could hear my internal dialogue around running — you would know this is a pretty big step for me. Since I know my history and the internal, raging turmoil, I’m going to pat myself on the back and give myself a sticker for bravery.

I am committed to improving not just the bio-mechanics of running, but more importantly my perception of running. Over the past year I have worked diligently on my running on my own and have improved a lot. (200m runs in a workout used to cause me anxiety.) But now I’m ready and willing to be coached to another level.

I’m so committed that I’ve decided not to compete in bikini bodybuilding again for a while just so I can dedicate the time to improve my running. That doesn’t sound as excited, does it? But running, for me, feels even more confrontive than all the dedication it took to prep for bikini. It scares me more than excites me.

During my bikini comp training and even immediately after the show, I thought, this is IT; I’m a vegan bikini competitor – yay, I found my calling. I was jazzed at the prospect of being on the Plantbuilt Team and going forward with a united purpose. But I didn’t make the team. Then the idea of such lazer-like focus, alone, felt flat. The idea of training for aesthetics lost its luster. Listen, I still don’t knock the glamour of the competitions or the power and impact of aesthetic fitness — admittedly that was super fun — but it is not enough to keep my passion sustained, especially by myself. The first time, great! With a team and a team focus, great. Alone, again, I’m looking at my lucite heels and that stupid tan and thinking, hmm, I wonder what Speed Team is up to; I wonder if I could ever run a race without feeling like my lungs are being seared out of my chest cavity.

Maybe I’ll do another bikini competition next year, but I realize I’m not just a bikini competitor, or runner, or CrossFitter. I realize I’m a try-athlete. I trained hard for and competed successfully in a bikini comp in 2014/2015; I trained for and competed successfully in a triathlon in 2013; I did CrossFit competitions in 2012/2013 — and maybe I run some events in 2015/2016.

I’ve always been pretty good at a lot of different sports, but never top-level at any of them. I used to feel this was a weakness, but instead maybe I can make it a strength and keep trying different things. That’s certainly a fun approach. I realize, too, that it’s the focus and dedication that inspires others, not necessarily the event. Finding something for yourself that empowers you, makes you feel alive and strong, healthy and fit — THIS is what it’s all about. If you haven’t already, I encourage you find your inner — and outer — try-athlete, too.

What are you trying that’s new?

Tuesday’s Workout
Test Week

1RM OHS (from 0:00 – 20:00 on running clock)

Rest 20:00 – 23:00

1RM Squat clean (23:00 – 43:00)

And Coming Wednesday
Test Week

“Silber Lining”
400m Run
12 Alt. pistols
16 DB renegade rows (35/20)
20 DB Russian twists
800m Run
24 Alt. pistols
32 DB renegade rows
40 DB Russian twists
1250m Run
36 Alt. pistols
48 DB renegade rows
60 DB Russian twists
**40min Cap**



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