Sweat Bands

Today’s Workout
10 rounds for time of:
20 squats
200m run
You’d think that after 7 years of CrossFit, I would have already discovered everything I need in my tool-kit to give me an advantage in a workout. Wrong! About month ago, we started carrying head and wrist sweat bands. I thought, what the heck, I’ll get a pair and wear them… you know, sport the CFLA logo, etc. I had no idea that they would actually help me in a workout! Turns out that when wearing sweat wrist bands, all the sweat from my arms that forms during a workout doesn’t drip down onto my hands, meaning I don’t slip off the bar and don’t need as much chalk. And the head band… really different working out with almost no sweat in my eyes. So if you’re looking for an edge up in a workout, check these out… they certainly make a difference for me!

Even when she’s jumping high, she’s smiling… go A-Train!

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