Today’s Workout
Skill work:
Snatch Balance

— then —

4 rounds
10 pistols (total)
20 push ups
10 hollow rocks
0:20 handstand holdA woman in the market was sampling special sweets one day.
Being a sweet lover, I approached.

“They are organic!,” she told me. “They don’t use white sugar!,” she bragged.
I stopped her. “I hear where your heart is,” I told her, “and I thank you. But I don’t eat sweets for my health.
I eat sweets for a much deeper reason.
Sweets are for my soul.”
“If they are ‘better’ sweets, my brain says ‘eat more!’ and sweets are not for my brain.
If they are ‘better’ I may become a glutton.
If they stay sweets I stay a saint.
I don’t eat sweets for my body. That is not what they are for.
They hold a special place for me and I keep them there.
They have a place in my life that need not be altered.
I don’t love sweets for my body.
I love sweets because sweets sweeten me.


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