Swimming for a Great Rack

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“Strategize THIS”­
With a team of 4, complete for time:
Ground to shoulder: 10,000# mixed team,12,500# all male team, 7,500# all female
150 pull ups
Squat (no racks): 7,500# mixed team, 10,000# all male, 5,000# all female 150 push ups
Shoulder to Overhead: 5,000# mixed team, 7,500# all male, 3,500# all female
Teams of 4, 2 people working at a time.


“Athletic Skills Day”
2 min test of each skill
­Tire flip and hop (scored by completed flip and hop = 1)
Sit to stand, anchored feet
­Rope climbs
­Agility drills­ ali shuffle, icky shuffle, 3 attempts for time
Broad Jump for distance­, 3 attempt for max distanceIn case I’ve never told you, I’ve been running a one-man human laboratory for the past 10 years, and I’m the ‘crash test dummy’. I’m regularly trying new things out on myself to see their impact and how they effect my life, my fitness, strength, performance and health. The most recent addition to my training came last summer when I started swimming (to keep a metabolic base when I was recovering from a stress fracture).

I’ve been swimming now for about 6 total months. I was consistently going 2 days per week for the second half of the summer and most of the fall, and I just started again about 4 weeks ago going twice per week.

I accidentally tested the effectiveness of my swimming workouts on Saturday with an overhead squat workout. The workout involved doing a max set of overhead squats after an 800m run, as many times as possible in 30 minutes. Up until now, the weak point in Overhead squats for me has always been shoulders and upper back. NOT SATURDAY. I hit over 30 reps each round for the first 4 rounds and found myself stopping each time from fatigue in my legs and torso… NOT shoulders.

I’ve done NO appreciable overhead squat work over the past 9 months. The ONLY real difference in my training has been swimming… I feel stronger in my shoulder girdle than ever and definitely have improved muscular endurance.

SO… if you have any shoulder issues or suffer from instability or flexibility issues in the upper thoracic / shoulder girdle (yes, this is MOST CrossFitters), swimming is a fantastic addition to your regular training. And if you’re here in Santa Monica, you have the added bonus of 3 swimming pools to choose from – Santa Monica College, Westwood Pool, and Culver City Plunge




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