Systems Check PLUS

Today’s Workout
15 Rep Max Overhead Squat
– take as many attempts as you’d like. You are searching for the max amount of weight you can overhead squat for 15 straight reps.

3 minutes of single unders for max reps
1 min rest
repeat for a total of 3 setsWhen’s the last time you had a ‘systems check’, and, more importantly, that you actually took action based on what you found in your check? I have a very important personal reason for asking that I’ll share with you in the second part of this post. Here’s what I mean:

1. A Systems Check. This can be as extensive or minimal as you think you need. It could involve a physical. It also may involve going to see a specialist for something that has been nagging you for awhile. It also could mean spending the time to look how your progressing as an athlete. Are the results you’re getting the results you want? Another way of asking this, are you spending the right amount of time on the right things to give you the result you want? A systems check is a critical component to being conscious about your body and life.

2. Taking Action. This is the hard part. Once you have the information from the systems check, what are you going to do with it? It might involve a big change that you may or may not want to make or deal with. It might also mean just tweaking things slightly. Then again, maybe you’re right on track and nothing could be better… stay the course. A systems check really doesn’t do any good if you’re not willing to follow it up with action.

Here’s my personal part of the story…

**Warning – UNCOMFORTABLE TOPIC ** I’m currently dealing with the impact of not taking action on a nagging health issue… hemorrhoids. I know this topic is taboo… I haven’t found many people or place on line willing to talk about it openly or deal with it. But I felt that it’s such a common problem, is so debilitating and painful, that we all could benefit from an open dialogue about them… with my hope that any of you with them or some other nagging issue will TAKE ACTION.

I have had hemorrhoids now for about 5 years. Not exactly sure the cause… but I partake in many of the things they say are risk factors (not enough fiber in diet, sitting for long stretches on the toilet (reading email, checking Facebook, or playing Angry Birds), and weightlifting). I also may just be predisposed to them. Well, until about 5 days ago, they were manageable, so I wasn’t doing anything about them. They caused almost no pain and were just an intermittent annoyance. I didn’t bother to take any serious preventative action, instead, chose to ignore that they existed and just get on with my life.

Well… 5 days ago… EXTREME pain. Worse than anything I can write about here. So bad, in fact, that I’ve had no relief, have been laid up in bed, and am having SURGERY on Monday or Tuesday to have them removed. That means at least another week of incredible pain and suffering.

In hind-sight (so to speak), I wish I had taken more small measures over the past 5 years to deal with them. I’m not sure that I could have prevented this, but it sure would be nice to know that I did everything I could have done to not have to go through this. You won’t see me around the gym for at least the next week… and this is why. And the chances of me participating with our Team in the CrossFit Games… pretty low. In the context of my life, not such a big deal, but it’s a real bummer, just the same.

If you have any experience or thoughts about hemorrhoids or any other nagging health issue you need to be dealing with, please share them here with us. Looking forward to being back with the rest of you soon!



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