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Today’s Workout

Five rounds for time of:
5 L-pull-ups
10 Handstand Push-ups
15 PistolsMany of you have seen the awesome stand up desk contraptions we have in our offices at the gym. They’re made by Ergotron, who also have a wide variety of stand-up desk and carts for all sorts of applications. If you’ve considered going the stand up route yourself, you might want to check them out, and also peruse www.juststand.org.

Since I’ve only been using my stand-up configuration now for about 4 weeks, I don’t have any quantifiable changes to report, however, I have noticed an improvement in my hip flexor length / flexibility. Since I used to spend hours sitting in my char with my hip flexors fixed in flexion at 90 degrees (like the rest of you do), it’s only natural that they’ve responded by shortening and tightening. No longer the case when spending most of my time standing… I now have a much easier time with the ‘couch stretch’, which will ultimately help my athletic performance. Another change – I’ve got more energy when standing. I’m sure this is just the beginning of the changes I’ll notice. I’m a big fan… check it out for yourself!

SSC_01 (36)
Mark’s gettin’ some air!



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