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Today’s Workout

4 rounds for time:
8 muscle ups
8 thrusters (135/95)
400m runHow do you respond when something that is important to you is in danger? Do you complain about it loudly, blaming circumstances and the system, woefully accepting the “inevitable” as an unavoidable result of forces way beyond your control? Or do you do something? Start a movement? Get a groundswell of support and become a force to be reckoned with? I know that many people in this community, myself included, are passionate about food – what they eat, how it is produced, and where it comes from. In one more step towards homogenizing the food system, the USDA is changing health and safety regulations to make it all but impossible for small scale (read: grass fed) meat producers to process their own meat. What does this mean? This means that their meat will have to enter the mainstream food processing system where it is likely to be contaminated by the pathogens that all too often sneak their way into the large-scale food supply system. Is this inevitable? No! If you want more information about what is happening and what you can do about it, read this article and email the USDA and tell them what you want to see happen! For more info on why you might care about grass fed meat at all, read about the advantages of grass fed beef.

This is just too much fun



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