Take the low road

Thursday’s Workout (NO CAP)
DB Thrusters (50/35)
Kettlebell Swings (32/24)
Dead hang reverse grip pull-ups

…and coming Friday(NO CAP)
Fight Gone Bad

3 rounds, for reps
1-min Wall Ball (20/14)
1-min Sumo Deadlift High-pull (75/55)
1-min Box Jumps (20)
1-min Push Press (75/55)
1-min Row (cal)
1-min restMan, sometimes things can be so hard to start. A life altering project can seem overwhelming. The way we talk to others (or even ourselves) sounds like this: “It’s all or nothing!” “If you were really committed, you’d do it!” “Take the high road, be the better person for it.”

Sometimes it works just to find the easy way in. Make the smallest change. Test something out and move something so you can see it might really be worth it. Take the “low” road, as it were. No one said it had to be all or nothing! Why not some? All of 10% is more than none of 100%!

There is no low road here, really. Once you know that it doesn’t have to be any one way (it really doesn’t!) you don’t have to continue beating yourself up for how it’s not! How many people have started on the slow route to complete commitment and stayed longer and got more out of it than the ones who were gung-ho and full throttle from the start. How you begin doesn’t dictate how you finish.

Just be in. Be compassionate with yourself. Be compassionate with other people. Be human. We are not perfect, nor would we be any fun if we were! Looking for your way is the way.

Took the low road a loooong time, right Michael?

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