Taking a New Look


A) Squat Snatch Drill
1 Squat Snatch
1 Hang Squat Snatch – below the knee
1 Hang Squat Snatch – mid thigh
-Goal is max weight

5 rounds, for reps (2:1)
In 2 min, complete
200m Run
Max reps of push-ups
-1 min rest between rounds


A) 20 minutes to work on double unders
-If you are highly competent at double unders, you can use this time to find a 1RM thruster

8 rounds for time
5 Thruster (135/95)
50 Double Under
-12 min cap
I tried spin class once, a long time ago. I went over to Revolution, tried a class, and experienced the longest hour of my life. I was miserable and it seemed terribly un-fun. I never went back to spin again and could never figure out what people thought was so great about it.

Fast forward a few years and Winslow and various other people in my life have been encouraging me to try spin class again. They all listen to me reminisce about IndoRow and tell me things like, “You know, that sounds a lot like spin.” I conceded it might have been that my one and only experience might just have been a lemon. I dreaded another potential 60-minutes of boredom, though. And, secretly, I also had a long-standing fear about not being able to figure out how to adjust the bike and everybody in class having cool clip-in shoes and me being completely clueless.

Last Saturday I headed to the gym without having a real set plan about what I was going to do, but there was a spin class starting shortly after I got there. The last words Winslow said to me as he headed off to work were, “I really hope you give spin another try. I really think you’ll like it.” So I let it all go and I tried it again.

And OMG it was so fun.

The teacher was great. The workout was great. I totally figured out the bike and nobody cared about my shoes. I was sweaty, exhausted, and happy, and I kept thinking, “Gosh, this reminds me of IndoRow.” Who knew, right?

But really, there were two big lessons I took home from from spin that day that had nothing to do with the bike:
1) What I have experienced before does not have to be what I experience again.
2) My fears are inventions one step shy of pure fantasy, so I shouldn’t let them impact my decision making in reality.

The key to applying both these lessons, though, is letting go of my previous experience – not letting that experience determine all future outcomes. The story in my head of what spin was wasn’t reality. My fears? Most definitely no relationship to reality. I have a whole new idea of spin class now because I decided to let go of the original experience, open a blank page, and let a new story occur without interference.

Do you have a movement, exercise, or facet of your health and fitness that you have a “story” about? Would you be willing to revisit it, without predicting the story ending, and see how things play out this time?

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