Taking Care of your Hands

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Today’s Workout
5 rounds for max reps:
Strict Press (50% bw / 25% bw)
Pull Ups
– Switch between movements every 2 ½ minutesDo enough workouts with high reps of cleans, snatches or pull-ups, and you’ll find that CrossFit is extremely hard on your hands! Rips are commonplace… and if you’ve never had notorious ‘salt treatment’, just ask a coach after you’ve ripped one day in class.

If you’d like to minimize the likelihood of rips and gradually build up the toughness of your skin so that rips are a thing of the past, there are some things you can and should be doing regularly… hand maintenance. These things aren’t hard, nor do they take much time, but they require attention, regularly. Check out the video… and let us know if you have any tips from your experiences with hand maintenance or rips.



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