Taking the coaching

Today’s Workout

Franklin Hill Sprints

4th Street Lamp (110m) X3
(on the 4:00)

3rd Street Lamp (90m) X3
(on the 4:00)

2nd Street Lamp (60m) X3
(on the 3:00)I hurt my shoulder last week. When someone saw me lying on the floor icing it, their natural reaction was, “what happened?” Here’s what’s interesting — they were asking “what were you doing when you hurt your shoulder?” But there was a more valuable lesson for me in what happened.

What happened was this: I already knew I was hurt before I did the lift that really hurt my shoulder. I also knew that no matter what I did, I wasn’t going to make it to the end of the workout. I actually knew that if I did the next rep, there was a really good chance that I was going to do damage. The coach in me told me ALL of this.

Then there was another voice inside me that said something else. It said “you have something to prove.” I’m sure it said more, but here’s the problem — I listened to it. The next thing I knew I was on the floor. Past the red zone, over the cliff.

So what happened? What happened was I made the little scared voice matter. What happened was I didn’t listen.

Share about the last time you remember not listening when you may have been better off if you had.

Box Squats-34 (Copy)
Peace, love, and CrossFit

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