Taking the Quit Out of Stopping

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A) 1×20 BS (+5#)
B) For Time:
Buy in: 50 RKBs
10 Wall Walks
30 Hollow Rocks
30 Arch Rocks
100 DU’s
Buyout: 50 RKB’s


A) For Time
CTB Chin ups
Strict Dip
B) 4 rds on 5
400m run
5 Press @ 85%
8 HPCHave you ever quit mid-workout? I have… and I did yesterday doing a particularly long and arduous workout called “The Seven” after the end of the 4th (of 7) round. There wasn’t a particular reason I stopped, though my lower back was feeling ‘wonky’ from the start. It’s just that I felt that pushing it by continuing might lead to stiffness, soreness, and maybe a strain of my lower back. So I stopped… and mobilized for about 20 minutes post WOD.

In the past, when I’ve quit mid-workout, I’ve gotten pretty down about it, feeling dejected, old, not good enough, but yesterday was different. While it was tough to quit in the face of “but everyone else is doing it”, it felt really self-nurturing, supportive, and good for me considering my upcoming weekend and vacation plans. And when I finished, mobilized, I actually walked away with a smile, knowing that for the first time ever as a healthy, non injured, no excuses athlete, I chose to take care of myself over trying to prove something.

I’m sure I’m not the only one who’s wanted to do this at one time or another. Let’s hear about your experience with this – either doing it, or not.

Partner band sprints. #competitionday #warmup #crossfit



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