Taking time off

Taking time off

When is the last time you took a FULL week off? By a full week, I mean seven full days of NO training or anything even remotely related to working out. If it’s been more than 6 months, or you can’t remember the last time, then guess what… it’s time! It’s only during your time off that your body gets a chance to rest, recuperate, repair, and rejuvenate so that it’s ready for the next time you go into battle. Other telltale signs that you need time off:

  1. You’ve plateaued in your performance
  2. You’ve been sick more than two times this year
  3. You keep getting injured
  4. You have a hard time sleeping more than 4-5 hrs and you’re exhausted.

These are some… what are some others you might have noticed… and when are YOU going to be taking some time off?

Lookin’ good, Shirley!

Today’s Workout

For time:
400m Run
21 Overhead Squats (95m/65w)
21 BoxJumps
400m Run
15 Overhead Squats
15 BoxJumps
400m Run
9 Overhead Squats
9 Box Jumps



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