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I believe that a coach’s skill at engaging his audience is directly proportional to his success. Aside from the value of the content, meaning you can correctly explain a snatch/jerk/kip..etc, you also make it for lack of a better word… entertaining. I’m not advocating tap dancing or magic tricks to keep eyes on you however you may need to watch for these signs of losing your client’s attention. Some signs are; people shuffling in their spots, looking away, getting equipment prematurely, multiple WOD explanations especially during the WOD itself, frustration and honestly low class attendance.

I’ll let Nicole Carrol and the rest of the HQ training staff fill you with the “what” aspect of training because they are the best at it. I want to focus your attention on the “how” aspect. Every great public speaker (Tony Robbins, Ghandi, Ronald Reagan, Reverend Robert Shuller and Coach Glassman to name a few) have an amazing presentation ability (the how) for making what they say fun.

How do you know if you’re doing an acceptable job or a great job? Video yourself and the people in your class and then watch it to look for the problems mentioned above.

The following videos illustrate my point.

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