Talking the Walk

Talking the Walk

Today’s Workout

Choose your PR day!

Choose 1 gymnastics and 1 met-con exercise and attempt to set a PR at each.How familiar are you with the movements that we do in our workouts? Many of you know what a clean is, for instance. But how well do you actually know the movement? Could you give 3 easy cues that would get someone unfamiliar with the movement to perform a reasonable version of it? Could you describe it in one sentence? Do you know what body parts you are using? You may find that being unable to answer these questions about a movement is your block to being able to perform the movement well. See if it makes a difference to get intimately familiar with a movement you struggle with rather than just pound away at it workout after workout. You may find that the ability to teach it could be the breakthrough you are looking for in your own performance.

Chris rolling it out after a WOD



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