Today’s Workout
“Fight Gone Bad” Time vs. Task by Alex Bentley

– Perform one round of FGB with 1.5-minute rotations. Keep your score for each movement.
– Take a short rest.
– Perform a second round in the same order.
– For this round, perform the number of reps you got in each movement from round 1.
– Your goal is to finish this round faster than 7 1/2 minutes (the total time for round 1).
– Your score is the difference in time between round 1 and round 2 (lower (or negative) is better)I wrote about commitment on Monday. Here’s a story about exactly what it can do for you in your life. Do yourself a favor, DON’T THINK, just do it, NOW. www.TBOLITNFL.com. Go to the site. Read the story about Deuce Lutui. Read the emails. Watch the video. Get inspired. Make a commitment… see what happens. Share in comments.

Anything is possible!

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