Team CFLA – getting things started for 2012

Today’s Workout
“Fight Gone Max” by Chad F.
In this version of Fight Gone Bad, follow the traditional workout, but as soon as you break from your rhythm in a movement, you must stop. So if you drop the wall ball, or stop box jumping after 5… that is when you must stop. This version stresses accuracy and form above raw stamina and endurance, will reward virtuosity and mental discipline. Bring it!If you were one of the 50+ people who came to our meeting last night, THANK YOU for showing up and supporting the team with your presence! For those of you who couldn’t make it, I’ve summarized the plan for our Team for the 2011-2012 season below. Hope you decide to become a part!

1. Our Team this year will include ANYONE that want’s to take part. ANYONE!

2. Team’s Objective: To Create an environment that fosters excellence, virtuosity, and teamwork in a way that inspires elite fitness and fosters community. (oh yeah… and to have fun!)

3. Being on the team means you are committed to taking your training to the next level, and to participating with our community that is committed to the same.

4. Two considerations in being on the team: 1. Being responsible for and respectful of your own training, 2. Being responsible and respectful to your teammates.

5. The team’s Coaches – Kenny Kane (head coach) and Andy Petranek; Assistant Coaches – Logan Gelbrich & Shirley Brown; Team Manager – Nina Rubin

6. Three Phases of the Year
a) Phase 1 – Sept – Dec: This will be the time for you to determine your goats, design your training plan, and get together with your team for small group training, and fun events. You will use our Training Worksheet to help you design your own training plan, then will be put into small groups based on your skills and goats by our coaches. The team will gather 1-2x per month for training, education and fun events at places all around LA. To participate, you’ve got to be on the team. You will be responsible for determining your PRs and best efforts in a list of skills and workouts. This phase will culminate with a running of the CFLA Gauntlet in December. Any athlete finishing the Gauntlet with a passing score will be considered eligible for our Open Team.
b) Phase 2 – Jan – Apr: The 12-14 athletes that we choose (based on workout numbers, PRs, and The Gauntlet) will become our CF Games Open Team, or, as I like to call it, the “Tip of the Spear.” These athletes will be meeting for workouts outside of normal classes and will be getting much more hands-on coaching from our coaching staff. The ENTIRE team will continue to meet for events and training around LA. This phase culminates in ALL team members participating in the CrossFit Games Open.
c) Phase 3 – May – Jul: IF we qualify a team for Regionals, we will narrow the “Tip of the Spear” down to 8 – and these athletes will train rigorously for Regionals and the Games. The rest of the team continues to meet for events and training and supports the 8 who have been chosen to represent CFLA.

7. We reserve the right to be wrong… in other words, this is the plan based on what we know now. As the Team develops over the year, we reserve the right to modify, change, or adjust things. In other, other words, “Lets be flexible, people!” grin Look for some surprises thrown in there as well!

8. If you think you’re someone that is excited, enthusiastic, committed, responsible, and wants to take their training to the next level, with an awesome group of committed athletes, we’d love to have you. The cost is $100 for the year… and with that you’ll get one Team Jersey (currently being designed).

Join us! And oh yeah… dancing… is NOT optional… it’s REQUIRED grin

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