Team CFLA – Heading to Pomona!

Team CFLA – Heading to Pomona!

Today’s Workout
20-minutes of muscle up skill work
Five rounds for time of:
3 Muscle Ups
6 Deadlifts (315/225)
9 Weighted & Anchored Situps (25/15)Something marvelous has happened each year for the past two right around this time. Our community has come together, committed together, trained together, fought together, bled together, failed together, succeeded together. We’ve been well, been sick, been healthy, been injured, been strong, been weak, been invincible, been human. And through it all we’ve stuck together as a group of committed people, moving in one direction, each living our own lives while coming together each week to do something extraordinary. For the second year in a row, by the skin on our teeth, Team CFLA has qualified for the 2012 CrossFit Games Regionals!

And by TEAM, I mean ALL of us… all 350 CFLA members, 78 who registered for the CrossFit Games Open, 52 who have been participating as part of our Team since September… we couldn’t have done this without ALL of you! We finished the Open in 28th place (one place better than last year). The top three male and female scores counted for our team score/ranking each week, and over the course of the five-week Open, we used a combination of scores from 15 different athletes (8 men and 7 women), including Zach, Lacie, Logan, Shirley, Sam, Annita, Danny, Tanya, Jonesy, Lauren, Eli, Lindsey, Kenny, Hacker, and Andy. And of course, none of this would be happening quite the way it is were it not for our Team CFLA Coach – Kenny Kane!

Big shout out to our sponsor, Original Nutritionals, and the place our athletes and members go to keep us in top shape – the International Sports Performance Institute.

See you at Regionals – May 11-13, Pomona Fairplex!

Coach Kenny Kane

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