Team Selections for the Philanthropic Throwdown

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6 DB SC&J @ 45%-50% of barbell jerk (or quality allows)

B) 5 RFQ
Sucka Punch Foo
Max effort strict CTB Chin ups

C) 4 Rounds for time and reps
300m run
Max strict dips


On a continuously running clock:

Max GTO poundage
**Each minute on the minute perform 6 burpees**


For Time:
50 alternating lunges 95/65
800m Run
**5 burpee penalty every time weight is dropped**

CFLA’s first ever intramural draft for the Crossfit Open went down Friday night. To suggest that all four of the following teams are composed of all star humans is an understatement. Here are the names of the teams, captains and selections in alphabetical order:

“14.Kick Ass” – Captain Cerussi, Co-Captain SWong:
Andrew H, AP, Arjun, Brian M, Diz, Erik M, GC, Keith, Maya, Mon Art, Nicole P, Pete M, Shoskes, Stanwyck, Todd R, Tom L, Woogene

“Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop” – Captain Patty, Co-Captain Andy D:
Adrien, Benet, Carolyn, Christian, Elliot, Justin, Kristin, Kelly F, Lola, Nick P, Nina R, Renee, Ry-Rye, Shirley, Wagner

“Chalk, Sweat and Tears” – Captain Courtney, Co-Captain Cannon:
B-Love, Chip, Devlin, Harley, James, JF, Julio, Lo-Lo, Mohamed K, Niki, Sal, Scott, Tom C, Vince, Zach

“TEAM BOOMSHAKALAKA” – Captain Ross, Co-Captain Maggie:
Alex, Alyssa, Auggie, Bonds, Bryan M, Chad, Chris C, Cheri, James, Julia, Hacker, Ricky, Steven S, Tim, TJ, Tom P

For the next 5 weeks these teams will be competing with one another scoring points in four categories:
1) Spirit
2) Participation
3) Philanthropy
4) Performance

Again, and as you can see our focus is simple – have fun doing The Open.

Courtney and Cannon scrambling for next selection at CFLA intramural draft

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