Team Spirit

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Today’s Workout

As many rounds as possible in 20 min:
10 Plank Ups
10 Mountain Climbers (2 count)
20 Lateral Bridges (10 per side)
20 Bird PickersMany of us have had a variety of different experiences of what it means to be a “group fitness” class. Over the years I have tried yoga, pilates, spin, circuit training, and more. Other than my time training in martial arts, I have never experienced group training that even came anywhere close to the experience at CrossFit LA. I never had anybody cheer for me in spin class. I never faced a seemingly overwhelming obstacle in yoga that caused me to bond with my classmates. I never accomplished anything in circuit training that caused me to have a new outlook on my life and capabilities. In none of those classes was I ever overcome with emotion watching a fellow classmate lay it all out there in pursuit of bettering themselves. All those things happen at CFLA — all the time.

Nick works while Ray demonstrates an impressive amount of team spirit!



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