Test Week for Cycle 16 is Coming!

Next week begins a new cycle, #16. Test Week begins on Monday! Our focus this cycle is a little more variety in total movements so we can keep up our strength on snatch, for example, even if snatch is not the cycle emphasis. We are focusing on hinge mechanics and mobility. The strength emphasis will be: 5 rep strict press and 5 rep back squat. Another focus will be on unilateral movements (one-armed), which I love because this really promotes stability and core strength. We’re also doing a workout named after a beloved member who moved away a few years ago. Lauren Cassady didn’t necessarily love doing “The Lauren,” (I only named this recently), but it’s a workout we did a couple times together when we didn’t have time to make class. Think: run-row-arama!

All right guys, I can’t wait to do some of these workouts and we look forward to your feedback about them — and also to see you kick ass on them. Have fun!


Friday’s Workout

In 4 minutes:
Row 750m
5 Manmakers (50/35)
Rest 1 min
In 4 minutes:
Row 500m
10 Manmakers
Rest 1 min
In 4 minutes:
Row 250m
15 Manmakers

Saturday’s Workout

30 C&J (135/95)
Run 1 mile

Sunday’s Workout

4 Rounds of each, :60
Box Jumps
Alt DB chest press
Spider Crab Spider

Monday’s Workout
TEST WEEK – Cycle 16!

For time:
Lateral Burpees
Power Cleans (115/75)
* = 50 Double Unders


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