What some of our members have said about CrossFit

Danette Testimonial

My daughter has been going to CFLAKids for nearly two months and she loves it. I love it for her. She is, in general, very athletic and coming here fosters her desire to be competitive, which is important to me. Girls should be able to let this side thrive, if they want it.. The classes make her stronger and faster and more able to enjoy the other sports she’s involved in. And since the classes are fun, she doesn’t even realize that! As a girl athlete, this is a place where she can just be her sporty self without an asterisk or over-mention of how strong she is or how tomboy — or whatever else we often hear. At CFLAKids, my daughter can be exactly who she is. Her coaches encourage her to do her best, as they do with every kid who is in class, from beginners to the more advanced. CF encourages my daughter’s confidence without making her a poor sport. CFLAKids not only offers an intense and fun workout each class, but they also spend part of the class going over concepts important not just to athleticism, but to life: Sportsmanship, doing your best, cheering on your classmates so they can do their best as well. They ask the kids what these concepts mean to them. The program reminds me of a martial arts program because they emphasize that true health and fitness is not just about a strong body, but a strong mind that is fair, thoughtful, independent and determined. After the workout part of class, the kids then play a game that is active and fun. CFLAKids stresses that physical activity should be associated with fun, especially for kids. If we could only remember that as adults! The well-rounded balance of the CFLAKids program as well as the safe and nurturing environment has us hooked. I’m so glad I got my daughter involved. The benefits far exceed my expectations. Most importantly, she can’t wait to go to CF every week. – Danette R. 

Alex B Testimonial

My kids attend classes and love every minute. It is all play to them and at the same time they are getting healthy exercise and absorbing life skills and values like teamwork, etc. – Alex B.

Jackie T Testimonial

Our kids, eight and ten, have been going for six months now and they LOVE it. This is a real workout/conditioning class and they are super proud of their accomplishments. This is a great addition to any sport that your kids may already be doing. They are the strongest they have ever been and they look forward to going….In addition they learn about healthy eating. – Jackie T.


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