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Guest blog by Matt Nichols

As the end of the 2017 approaches and I reflect on the many ways my life changed this year, I am in awe. After years of patience and preparation, my girlfriend AJ and I took a risk that has culminated in a more exciting and rewarding opportunity than I ever dreamed possible: in July we quit our jobs, packed up all our stuff including our two dogs, and moved from Nevada to Southern California to fulfill my dream of being a coach. And this community has been a huge part of our smooth transition. I am enormously grateful for the ways in which all of you – coaches and students – have embraced me as a member of the Oak Park / CFLA family. I had met Kenny in May and I knew that working with him was going to be amazing. What I didn’t fully appreciate was the quality of people with which  he surrounds himself. How could I know until I spent enough time here.  Your kindness and generosity have really helped anchor me during this season of change. Thank you so much for helping ease my transition into this new role and this new life. I am so excited to see what 2018 has in store for us!


Thursday’s Workout

(A) Find a heavy 3-rep Hang Power Snatch
(15-18 minutes)

(B) In teams of 3:
1: 10 Power Snatch (85% of (A))
2: Max cals Assault Bike
3: Rest

Rest 1 minute

1: 10 Power Snatch (85% of (A))
2: Max cals Row
3: Rest

Teammates will rotate through stations every 10 reps of Power Snatch
Score is total calories Bike + Rower.
(15 minutes)

Friday’s Workout

A) Good Morning’s
In 10mins – Work up to a heavy 5

B) 4RFQ “Partners”
10 SA Bench Press DB (Get pumped)
14 Bulgarian Split Squats (BW)
18 Against-the-wall Lateral Medball Throws (9R/9L)




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