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I personally have found that I appreciate Thanksgiving more as I became more secure in what I did in life. I’m not sure who else has experienced this but I think it comes from appreciating the down time because so much has been accomplished in the previous months.

I think, similar to CrossFit training, if you go 100% for three days solid you really do need to rest on the fourth day. And similar to Zone eating. If you eat strict Zone meals for four to five days you probably need a cheat meal or at least deserve a cheat meal. Additionally, I find on those rest days I tend to reflect on what was accomplished and I feel good.

BTW – this will be the only Biz entry for the week. I’m relaxing.

Take stock of your accomplishments over the past several months and post them to the comments section. No matter how small write it down.

Enjoy this clip from Charlie Brown.



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