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Every class this week will offer you to test for your next CFLA fitness level. It’s REALLY important that you check these level tests out BEFORE you come in for your class.

If you haven’t tested before, we recommend you starting with the Level 1 Test and working your way through them.

CLOSED – Happy Thanksgiving!

Back to the regular schedule on SaturdayThere was a Saturday Night Live skit two weeks ago where a man named Mr. Senior ran through the streets of New York pushing over Christmas trees and knocking bells out of the hands of ringers. He ripped down garlands and stockings from office cubicles and store-fronts windows. As he ran down a traffic-choked street with his arms overflowing with sparkling Christmas ornaments, he yelled,”TOO EARLY! TOO EARLY!” Security guards chased him down a crowded sidewalk, and he shouted, “THANKSGIVING IS FIRST!”

Christmas is one of my favorite times of the year, but I’m with Mr. Senior. The ever-accelerated push past what’s going on in the moment has become a soulless practice. It turns life into an unappreciated blur where only stuff and the push to buy and sell it holds the most significance. How about we stop and smell the pumpkin pie for a second and enjoy Thanksgiving first? (P.S. If next year I see erected Christmas trees at summer solstice, I’m denouncing it all.)

The rush through Thanksgiving seems especially ironic. I’m not saying Thanksgiving isn’t commercially-ridden or not based on some iffy historical ethics, but the sentiment of Thanksgiving is really what we celebrate, right? And if we can’t slow down to be thankful for every iota of our lives then what’s the point of rushing into Christmas? To attain more stuff that we’re not thankful for?

I am thankful – For you guys, for the power of our gym –our home away from home – and mostly for the beauty and love of my family. I’m even thankful for the meaningless stuff that’s fun to play with — and nothing more. HAPPY THANKSGIVING IS FIRST!

(Let me have it: What are you especially thankful for this year?)

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