Thank You

Today’s Workout
As many rounds as possible in 15 min:
3 Deadlift (315/205)
9 Strict Toes-to-Bar (NO KIPPING!)I have been trying to thank everyone on some level individually, or at least hit the “like” button when I can, but I wanted to fully express my appreciation for the messages and words you have all been sharing with me since Friday. It confirms for me, once again, that which I already knew — CFLA is a unique community built of generous and amazing people. Thank you for your Facebook posts, blog comments, private messages, emails and texts. I am saving each and everyone of them.

And to answer your questions — I am here, like normal, through the rest of July. I will be in Portland the first week of August to get started at my new job and get the keys to my new apartment. Then I will be back in LA on the 8th of August, for two final weeks at CFLA. On the 20th of August I will cheer you all on for the Summer Slam…and then get in my car and start the drive to Portland.

Between now and then feel free to share all the sweaty hugs you’ve got. I don’t mind at all.

Don’t tell Odie, but I might miss him a little bit, too.

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