The 2016 Crossfit Games Open is coming to CFLA!

Crossfit LA is proud to announce that we will be holding workouts throughout the open over the five weekends, the first workout being announced on Thursday, February 25th.  We are introducing Open Friday Night Lights events, and will hold the first open workout on Friday, February 26th!!! Make sure to register at

Wednesday’s Workout:

A) FQ @ Damper 1
4 x 30:30 Row:Paddle @ 20s/min
4 x 30:30 Row:Paddle @ 22s/min
4 x 30:30 Row:Paddle @ 24s/min
4 x 30:30 Row:Paddle @ 26s/min
4 x 30:30 Row:Paddle @ 28s/min

10 Kipping ring dips
200m Sprint
–1min Rest between rounds–

And Coming Thursday:
Mental Toughness

50 RKBS (32/24)
100 Double unders
800m Run
–35min Cap–

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